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    RWM Rapidstock Rubber & Thermal Caster Wheels

    Performance TPR Wheels are specially engineered to provide unsurpassed durability and reliability. This premium wheel combines the durability of a hard tread wheel with the quiet floor protection of a soft tread wheel. They are made of a thermoplastic elastomer that is permanently bonded to a polypropylene core and will not mark floors. The Performance TPR wheel is resistant to chemicals, acids, bases, alcohols, salts and steam. This attractive wheel accommodates a large number of industries and a limitless number of applications.

    The Performance TPR Wheel tread material can be made to various durometers. The RWM Performance Wheel is made to 75 Shore A. This harness provides all of the benefits of a soft rubber wheel while additionally providing the lowest breakaway force and minimal force to pull results. Performance Wheels are extremely resilient and easily rolls over debris and uneven surfaces. These wheels are becoming very popular in institutional, food service, retail display and all types of industrial and manufacturing environments. Performance wheels are available in both flat and round treads. The flat tread provides maximum load surface while the round tread provides easy turning.

    75 Shore A Durometer

    Temperature Range: -45 to +120° Fahrenheit continuous, 180° Fahrenheit intermittent

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    Click here to view/download the Performance TPR Wheel catalog page.

    Soft Rubber Wheels (SR)

    RWM Soft Rubber Wheels are a good choice for those applications where the average load is light with occasional loads using the full capacity of the wheel. Soft Rubber Wheels are manufactured of quality materials with a resilient rubber tread bonded to the hard rubber core. These rubber wheels are an economical choice for moving equipment.

    Soft Rubber Wheels offer floor protection but can leave black marks on floors. Soft Rubber Wheels wear on rough surfaces and can become brittle if left outdoors, exposed to the elements. Economical in smaller sizes, soft rubber wheels become more expensive in larger sizes, especially when premium rubber material is used.

    Temperature Range: -40 to +120° Fahrenheit

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    Click here to view/download the Soft Rubber Wheel catalog page.

    Hard Rubber Wheels (HR)

    RWM Hard Rubber Wheels are used where low cost, easy rolling wheels are required. Hard Rubber Wheels offer good floor protection, are quieter than steel wheels, and are strong and chip resistant. Hard Rubber Wheels have a center line located in the middle of the tread. This center line, even when removed as close as possible, can cause damage to soft inexpensive floors. Hard Rubber Wheels can become brittle over time, and more so when exposed to outdoor elements. Hard Rubber Wheels can crack when dropped from limited heights or subjected to impact or shock.

    Temperature Range: -30 to +160° Fahrenheit

    Cross references to other wheel manufacturers:

    Payson: PAYROCK
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    Bassick: ATLASITE

    Click here to view/download the Hard Rubber Wheel catalog page.

    Mold-On Rubber Wheels (RI)

    RWM Mold-On Rubber Tread Wheels are constructed by molding high quality rubber to cast iron cores. All RWM Mold-On Rubber Wheels are floor protective, provide long tread life, are quiet in operation and are highly resilient. These mold-on rubber wheels are suggested for use on all types of floors and numerous applications. The standard RWM Mold-On Rubber tread is 75 Shore A durometer.

    Mold-On Rubber Wheels are popular and used in principally inexpensive applications such as trash containers, platform trucks, lumber carts and many manually pushed low cost applications. These wheels should be replaces as soon as they start to crack, chunk or tear apart. They do not handle overloading or towing. Although economical, the RWM Mold-On Rubber Wheel utilizes a higher-grade rubber tread material that significantly outperforms wheels produced by other manufacturers.

    75 Shore A Durometer

    Temperature Range: -40 to +160° Fahrenheit

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    Click here to view/download the Mold-On Rubber Wheel catalog page.

    Elastomeric High Tensile Non-Marking Rubber Wheels (Non-marking EHT on Aluminum)

    RWM Elastomeric High Tensile Rubber Wheels are incredible molded rubber wheels. The high quality high tensile premium rubber is bonded to a heavy-duty solid web cast iron core. These wheels are rated at 200% more than normal molded rubber wheels. This rubber wheel will not crack, chunk, dry out or debond. These elastomeric high tensile rubber wheels are excellent for towing applications in both indoor or outdoor environments. These rubber wheels can be used at higher rated towing speeds than other wheels. Please contact the factory for additional information.

    RWM Elastomeric High Tensile Rubber Wheels provide excellent floor protection, are quiet and roll easily over debris. They will not mark floors. They are an excellent caster for large assembly plants, freight terminals, automotive plants, and continuous use operations.

    Click here to view/download the Elastomeric High Tensile Non-Marking Rubber Wheel catalog page.

    Elastomeric High Tensile Rubber Wheels (EHT on Iron)

    RWM Elastomeric High Tensile Rubber Wheels are incredible molded rubber wheels. The solid core provides superior strength and the rubber does not chunk out. These rubber wheels perform well at 200% of normal molded rubber capacity and are excellent for towing applications. These elastomeric high tensile rubber wheels may mark floors. These lighter rubber wheels reduce the weight of carts and increase amount of loads that carts can carry.

    RWM Elastomeric High Tensile Rubber Wheels may be the best all purpose towing wheel available in the industry.

    Click here to view/download the Elastomeric High Tensile Rubber Wheel catalog page.

    Pneumatic Wheels (FN)

    RWM Full Pneumatic wheels offer the optimum in floor protection and move freely over obstructions and rough floors. Pneumatic wheels provide smooth, shock resistant operation for delicate instruments and breakable components. Full Pneumatic Wheels can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications where product protection is required. They are excellent for use on carts and platform trucks for industrial commercial and institutional applications requiring a cushioned ride. Pneumatic wheels are great for carrying electronics, sound and lighting equipment, glass, ceramics, chemicals, fragile retail goods and as an all around good wheel on general duty carts for almost all light and medium duty applications.

    Full Pneumatic Wheels are great for use on carts traveling on uneven floors and capable of rolling on different terrain such as cement asphalt, dirt, gravel, rock or grass. Common wheels used on equipment like luggage carts, hand trucks, dollies, generators, compressors, pressure washers, diagnostic equipment, tool boxes, and a great variety of lawn and garden equipment, like snow blowers, tillers, fertilizers, lawn mowers and wheelbarrows. The two main downsides of pneumatic wheels are their size and the fact that they can be punctured and go flat. Pneumatic wheels can be filled with foam to stop them from going flat. This is an additional cost, however, and increases the weight of the wheel. The standard color is black and they can mark floors.

    Click here to view/download the Full Pneumatic Wheel catalog page.
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