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    RWM's Shock Absorbing (SA Series) Casters reduce stress on wheels and rigs due to shock from rough surfaces. These industrial casters dampen and isolate shocks and vibration from rough surfaces to protect cargo or contents in a cart or equipment. Our Shock Absorbing Casters reduce noise caused by casters traveling over rough surfaces. The Shock Absorbing SA Series Casters equalize the load over uneven terrain among four or more casters, thereby reducing overloads on casters and twisting of the cart or frame. Our Shock Absorbing Casters feature either vertical mount springs, outside mount springs or inside mount springs.

    Our Shock Absorbing Casters are unique casters that were designed for specific applications and industries requiring a cushioned ride for protection from shock and vibration (spring loaded). These industrial casters are ideal for diagnostic and electrical equipment, institutional and laboratory equipment and stands, medical equipment and carts, mobile workstations, computer main frames and towers, point of purchase displays and shelving, food processing equipment, packaging equipment, sound and lighting equipment, ground support equipment, assembly line dollies, mobile storage racks and many other light to heavy duty applications. The Shock Absorbing Casters load ratings vary from 100 to 20,000 pounds.

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    Stainless Steel Casters (S27 Stainless Steel Casters, S46 Stainless Steel Casters, S65 Stainless Steel Casters, S75 Stainless Steel Casters)

    Our S27 Stainless Steel Casters are ideal for medical diagnostic equipment, hospitals, mobile hi-tech equipment, institutional equipment, laboratories, clean rooms, hotels, kitchen and catering equipment, good and beverage processing, dairies and wash down applications. RWM's S46 Stainless Steel Casters come standard with stainless steel roller bearings, sealed bearings, precision ball bearings or celcon bearings, axles, spanners and spacers.

    RWM's Stainless Steel Casters feature surgical grade 304 stainless steel that is highly resistant to conditions that would normally corrode and rust regular zinc plated steel casters. Our Stainless Steel Casters are ideal for wet or damp conditions and harsh environments that may rust or corrode standard zinc casters. These casters are well suited for rugged duty and are designed for wash-down applications such as food processing plants, food service equipment, large volume high temperature bakery and food cooking facilities, bakery and bread racks, slaughter houses, fisheries, seafood processing plants, stock and maintenance carts, ingredient bins, institutional service carts and equipment, hatcheries, pharmaceutical plants and laboratories.

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    Textile Industry Casters (Rol Kleen RK Series Casters, WT Series Casters)

    RWM's Textile Industry Casters are designed to reduce the amount of thread buildup and reduce the time required to service casters used in this demanding application.

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