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    Caster Combinations for Trucks

    There are several effective caster combinations that may be used in manufacturing, repairing and refurbishing material handling equipment. Various types of mountings are illustrated below.

    4 Wheel Non-Tilt (All Swivel Casters)
    This cart combination can be maneuvered in any direction. It is ideal for confined areas, but needs swivel locks for traveling long distances in a straight line or for use on ramps. This combination is excellent for use where side motion is frequently needed. This four swivel caster arrangement is the most versatile.

    Two Swivel Casters, Two Rigid Casters
    This cart combination is the most popular and is the most practical and inexpensive arrangement for straight and/or long distances. It is easily turned or pushed straight and it trails well also. It can be used for heavy or medium loads depending on the weight capacity of the casters selected.

    4 Wheel Diamond Tilt Mount (All Rigid Casters)
    This tilt mount combination is the most economical, but is best suited for lighter loads. A tilt mounting rotates or pivots on the center wheels. This design cannot be pushed sideways. The tilt is best when the load wheels are 1/8� taller than the balance wheels. This combination is not recommended for use on ramps.

    4 Wheel Diamond Mount (Two Swivel Casters, Two Rigid Casters)
    This caster combination is highly maneuverable and will rotate in its own length. This mounting is not recommended for ramps.

    Wagon (Fifth Wheel Steering)
    This trailer combination features large axle mounted wheels for heavy loads, and is usually power drawn.

    6 Wheel Tilt or Non-Tilt (Four Swivel Casters, Two Rigid Casters)
    This caster combination is a level mounting design and is recommended for heavy loads and extra long trucks. The two rigid casters help to distrubute and reduce the load on the swivel units and thereby maintain good maneuverability and easy steering. It turns on its own length. The csters on the corners provide stability.

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